How to be a Unicorn

How to Be A UnicornI know this might be difficult for someone who aspiring Unicorn because this is a special relationship for threesome. For any relationship, both partners must have a thorough understanding of their role and play it correctly. Your role as a unicorn is to have a nice sex dating with other like-minded bisexual couples without shyness.

Create your profile

The most basic and important thing is to create a profile on a unicorn dating website. Unicorn dating website give you a platform, where you can search some bicouples to choose from, and it might be a very good method, especially for first-timer. Your profile should show honesty, open and friendly. This is a very useful collocation.

Be positive

You should be averagely positive in your day to day life. It's not meaning of hold extravagant parties daily or that sort of thing. You should be able to keep other bicouples interested, maybe suggest a date or two in an expensive hotel, a picnic at countryside or your sweety home, etc. This will keep them hooked to you. That's the difference between mistress and unicorn.

Give free to each other

You both have to give enough free time to each other. This is very simple, because each of you will have your own work and way to life. No one will tolerate too much time on dating. You should not intervene frequently in their lives, but rather give subtle hints at fixed times. If they can't date with you, you can try to find other bisexual couples.


Remember not to force others to do what they are not willing to do, whether you are Unicorn or Bisexual couple, it's a big mistake to make dating rules based on your interests. We should give enough attention to each other's hobbies and sexual habits, and not always emphasize our ideas. You should learn to establish a good foundation relationship with mutual respect. This means that the three of you should communicate and discuss your roles more frequently, so as not to have any discordant experiences in the future.

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